Officiell sida för bandet Pushing Cows, som består av några gossar, en stor gul nalle, musik samt tramsigheter.

torsdag 21 juni 2007


In the land where C. D. Ward roams
Hellish songs from demonic tongues
can't keep spring from letting in

Holster those claws and draw your combs
Unbutton that hide and smile
Tilt your head for the sun in Kled!

We're walking down the sandy pavements
Not thinking 'bout old fights n' repayments
Breeze of warmth that isn't getting colder
N' when Brown Jenkins gets tired let him ride on your shoulders

Look! Even Dagon got his summerscale on
Strolling along humming a song
hand-in-hand with the morphineman

Don't let Chtulu fool you
Keep your jacket on
Enjoy the first spring sun
But keep your jacket on!

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